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Unbreakable Wealth

A Fully Immersive, Invite-only Strategic Wealth Building Experience

Hosted by Mike Brown

Let's face it, the skills that make you great at business are not the same skills you need to preserve wealth and protect your legacy.


I created the Unbreakable Wealth process for one reason: to help fellow entrepreneurs avoid the pitfalls that often accompany success, and shortcut the process to investing and creating wealth in a way that leaves your legacy protected from every angle. 

Unlike most financial seminars, I will be sharing my lived experience and current wealth creation game plan - this is simply one entrepreneur to another, giving you the playbook I wish I had access to years ago. I paid the tuition and learned the hard lessons so that you don't have to, cutting years off of your journey, but more importantly potentially saving you millions of your hard earned dollars.


As entrepreneurs, we play full out - that means risk on, all the time, investing in ourselves and our businesses. It is exactly these traits that allow us to create profitable businesses, but once we start to see the financial success, we need a new playbook. The high-risk mindset that allows us to create wealth becomes a limitation in keeping and preserving wealth. Chasing outsized returns, looking for the next huge windfall, creates a dopamine rush and feeds our ego, but the results can turn disastrous. 


When the money is rolling in, it's easy to feel like a super hero. But what happens if the tides turn? In the event of an unforeseen macro-economic event (like a global pandemic?) that changes the landscape, are you prepared? What if you or someone you love becomes ill and you can no longer work in your business? In order to preserve everything that you have worked so hard to build, you need a plan. You need to understand concentration risk, non-correlated asset classes, and how to hedge for long-tail risk. You need to shift your mindset from being an Accumulator of wealth to becoming a Defender of the wealth you have. You need to become Unbreakable. 

Take it from me. After my 8-figure exit, I should have been set for life. Instead, I continued to invest with a high-risk, high reward mindset, looking for the next big win. I invested in startups, small businesses, hotel projects, commercial real estate, crypto, and anything else that landed on my desk. I traded stock options and commodities futures. I even acquired a distressed e-commerce company, looking for a quick turnaround and exit. The truth is, I was taking outsized risks relative to my net worth. I didn't have a playbook or a strong foundation for how to preserve my wealth. I've had big wins and plenty of losses, but the problem came when I was spread so thin in risky investments that I couldn't access any of my wealth. On paper I was still a multi-millionaire, but I sure didn't feel like one. 

So how did I wind up at such a low point in such a short time after a life changing exit? The fact is, this pattern started long before I sold my company. I was spending money on investments as quickly as I could make it for years. In order to right the ship, I had to dig deep to understand why my relationship to money was so broken. I had to face some hard truths - with all of my knowledge on investing and making money, why was I unable to follow my own advice? 

The process that arose from my own journey became the underpinnings of the Unbreakable Wealth mindset. First, I had to understand and confront my beliefs and ingrained patterns around money. Second, I had to analyze and apply my learnings to create a truly balanced, risk-adjusted portfolio and take action to rebalance. But the last step was the most critical: accountability. 

Personal finance is a taboo subject in polite society. This privacy allows our society to continue to consume while massively in debt. But the fact is, I would have never made some of the riskiest investments if I had to justify them to someone else. That is where the Unbreakable Wealth Board of Advisors comes in. Imagine a group of your ultra-successful peers that have full insight into your personal finances - and that have voting rights on major financial decisions. They are there not to evaluate your investments, but instead to act as guide rails on keeping to the plan that you built for yourself. 

Understanding and improving our relationship to money, creating a risk-adjusted wealth plan that fits your goals, and having a board of advisors to keep you on track: this is the path to becoming Unbreakable. 

During the Invite-only, Two-Day Intensive We will:

Unbreakable Wealth Retreat Details

The Unbreakable Wealth Retreat will be hosted at our ultra-modern retreat center in Morrison, Colorado, featuring spectacular views of the stunning foothills and world famous Red Rocks Ampitheater. The weekend will kick off with a world-class welcome dinner prepared by a private chef on Thursday. Over the next two days, you will enjoy healthy, delicious meals, including a selection of curated wines at dinner, as we deep dive the world of personal finance and long term wealth building strategies. Unlike the death-by-powerpoint style of typical financial seminars, Unbreakable Wealth is an interactive, participatory experience where you will engage with fellow attendees to uncover and unlock powerful ways to make your money work for you to create the intentional life you desire. Because the retreat is invite-only, you can rest assured you will be surrounded by high-level, like-minded peers who have built incredible businesses just like yours. As we will be discussing deeply personal issues surrounding money, our confidentiality pledge is strictly enforced. Food and drink for the entire weekend event is all-inclusive, so you can leave your wallet behind.

Sample Schedule of Events


  • 8am-4pm: Arrive in beautiful Morrison, CO, just west of Denver (~45 min west of DIA)

  • 5pm: Optional Happy Hour and Check in

  • 6pm: Welcome Dinner with Wine Pairings prepared by local chef


  • 8am: Optional Yoga/Mindfulness Session

  • 8-9am: At-your-leisure Optional Breakfast Buffet

  • 9am-12pm: Workshop Session 1&2

  • 12pm-1pm: Healthy Chef-prepared onsite lunch

  • 1pm-4pm: Workshop Session 3&4

  • 5pm: Optional Hike or down time

  • 6pm: Dinner


  • 8am: Optional Yoga and Mindfulness Session

  • 8-9am: At-your-leisure Optional Breakfast Buffet

  • 9am-12pm: Workshop Session 5&6

  • 12pm-1pm: Healthy Chef-prepared onsite lunch

  • 1pm-4pm: Workshop Session 7&8

  • 5pm: Optional Hike or down time

  • 6pm: Offsite Private Room closing dinner at local restaurant gem


  • No scheduled events: Return Travel or Explore Denver Area on your own

Who is this experience designed for?

Unbreakable Wealth is created for you if:

  • You are a business owner with investable cashflow and want to build your legacy with intentionality

  • You have sold a business or are considering selling in the future and want to avoid all-too-common mistakes that many entrepreneurs make

  • You understand the value of strategic alignment with other high performers who have common goals

  • You want to be prepared for economic downturns or other black swan events - and be ready to profit from them

Unbreakable Wealth is not a fit for you if: 

  • You want a get rich quick plan without doing the deep personal work required to build real wealth

  • You think that you are infallible and you don't want to learn from the mistakes of others

  • You are boastful, arrogant or too proud to take and implement constructive feedback from your peers


Are you ready to begin your own path to Becoming Unbreakable?

Fill out the application and schedule an interview call to determine if you are a fit for this transformational weekend experience. 

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