Mike delivers a perspective on wealth that’s both groundbreaking and deeply personal.

Mike Brown’s ascent in the complex realm of finance is not a mere chronicle of achievements; it’s a testament to his deep commitment to his craft.

At the helm of an 8-figure investment firm, Mike crafted a formidable track record, generating over $100 million in returns for his investors. But the numbers only tell half the story.

Today, Mike Brown stands as a beacon for holistic financial mastery. His ‘Uncover, Align, Embody’ framework has charted new territories, offering countless entrepreneurs a roadmap to true financial clarity and autonomy. Through a synthesis of money narratives and decision-making prowess

Mike delivers a perspective on wealth that’s both groundbreaking and deeply personal. His approach challenges norms, redefines financial mastery, and underscores the true essence of wealth: a harmonious blend of fiscal growth and personal fulfillment.



Rewiring Our Subconscious for Financial Mastery

30-60 min

Dive deep into the psychology of money. Learn how to untangle deeply rooted beliefs and behaviors, replacing them with empowering habits. This talk offers a blend of emotional journey narratives, actionable strategies, and insights from the world of high finance, ensuring attendees walk away both inspired and equipped to change their financial futures.


Building Unbreakable Wealth: Uncover, Align, Embody

1-2 Full Day Seminar

Every financial choice we make is informed by a tapestry of past experiences, societal norms, and subconscious beliefs. Unlock the power of the full Unbreakable Wealth curriculum to empower your mastermind or group to create their unique path toward wealth and fulfillment. This fully immersive experience delivers unparalleled value that will leave your clients with the confidence to build a better future for themselves and their families.


Unearth Your Money Story: A Deep Dive Workshop

90 – 180 min

In this immersive, hands-on workshop, participants will be guided through a comprehensive process to unearth and understand their own unique money stories. Leveraging interactive activities, peer feedback, and introspective exercises, attendees will leave with a clear understanding of their financial past and an actionable blueprint for their financial future.


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    • “When it comes to value, Mike simply over-delivers. His style is a unique combination of vulnerable and powerful. The ROI for our clients is undeniable, but that ROI directly translated to our bottom line as well because it created such an unforgettable experience that will keep them coming back for years to come.”

      Seth Conger

      COO, Freedom Practice Coaching

    • “Definitely the highest caliber speaker VBB has ever had! Everyone raved about Mike for the rest of the day. I can definitely say no one was expecting to take such a deep journey inward from a 30 minute talk – but they walked away with profound insight that will shape them far into the future.”

      Ken Jackson

      Rice University Veteran’s Business Battle